Registration and Enrollment

How to Register
Students must pay in full, for each course, at the time of registration or make arrangements for a payment plan.

Ways to Register
  • By Phone – 978-236-1200 with a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover card number 9:00-5:00 Monday through Friday
  • Online – If you have taken any course at NSCC within the last two years, you can register and pay through CAMPUS PIPELINE
  • By Mail – Send a completed registration form along with payment to: North Shore Community College, Enrollment & Records Office, 1 Ferncroft Road, Danvers, MA 01923
  • By Fax – Fax a completed registration form with a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover card number to 978-762-4015
  • Visit the Lynn or Danvers Enrollment Center or the Corporate and Professional Education office at 106C in the Math and Science building in Danvers with your completed registration form along with payment: Visa, MasterCard, Discover card, check, or money order
*There is no deadline for Mail-in/Fax-in registrations. However, decisions to cancel courses because of under-enrollment will be made approximately one week prior to the start of classes. Register early to assure the best selection of classes.


Information Subject to Change.
The college reserves the right to add or delete courses and programs or to revise tuition, fees, and insurance requirements to allow for unforeseen developments. The college cannot guarantee that the instructor whose name is printed by the course will teach that course.

Nonpayment. Failure to pay your account balance in full on or before the 1st day of the class may result in your losing your seat in the class. If you have a 3rd party sponsor they must provide a valid billing authorization or purchase order on or before the 1st day of the class. NSCC reserves the right to charge a $50 late fee for any past due account balances.

Course Cancellation. Individual courses may be cancelled due to insufficient enrollment. NSCC makes every effort to notify students by phone and/or email as soon as the decision is made. Professional education courses are generally cancelled one week prior to start date. Students may choose another course or receive a refund.

Students who are taking professional education courses must follow the official professional education course refund policy.

To officially withdraw from a professional education course students must contact the Office of Corporate & Professional Education by email or by phone in order to be considered for a tuition refund. The office of Corporate & Professional Education can be reached by phone at (978) 236-1200 or by email at

• 100% refund: Students are required to officially withdraw from the course before the second class meeting time.
• No refund: Students who withdraw after the second class meeting time will be held responsible for the full balance due on the account.

To withdraw from a one or two meeting activity, students must contact Corporate & Professional Education in writing or by phone at least 72 hours before the activity begins if you wish a tuition refund.

3rd Party Billing- If for any reason a student’s sponsor (or whomever is paying for the course) refuses payment, the student is responsible for full payment.


Students with approved tuition waivers, tuition remission, or tuition vouchers may register at any time. Tuition waivers, tuition remission, or tuition vouchers do not apply to special programs, seminars, or online courses. To verify whether a course is eligible for a waiver or voucher call (978) 236-1200. Individuals will be placed in the class on a space available basis, no sooner than five business days before the start of the course. In the event that the class is cancelled, the student has the option to resubmit for the next scheduled class. For all courses offered, student registrations must meet the cost of delivering the course before any waivers will be honored. Individuals with tuition waivers will be responsible for the cost of all materials and/or books even when materials are included in tuition.